Your Goals, Your Progress, Your Success... Our Passion

MRE Fitness' goal and mission are clear; we are driven to redefine the scope of individualized fitness training by enhancing the functionality, responsibility, and specificity in specialized training services for all clients and also providing a network of support and resources for independent personal trainers.


It’s time to take back control of your goals through identifying, visualizing, and exercising. There is no one set way to fitness and health; the approach should encompass all matters of mind, body, and energy in a holistic well-rounded plan specific to individual needs/circumstances.  MRE Fitness empowers all of its members to identify their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and create a holistic plan to reach your goals.

Programs and Services

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             Personal Training


Where does MRE Fitness set itself apart? YOU! The training programs  of all classes and sessions are independently structured with each individual client as the focus. No two people are alike and no two training regiments will be alike, this is our promise, this is our vision; your fitness goal is 100% specific to you as our partner in your health and wellness. 


Contact us for a free consultation and individual assessment.


Packages start as low as $20/class (personal training) and $10/class (Small Group Training)



             Active Adult Training and Post Therapy Exercise


MRE Fitness' Active Adult Training Program is oriented and structured towards an older active community. This program is fully specified to target and improve both congenital and chronic issues facing older americans, as well as improve functionality, mobility, and recovery from athletics. 


The post therapy exercise program was created to provide a seamless transition into strength and cardiovascular exercise modalities for those clients rehabilitating injuries or chronic conditions. In the Post Therapy Exercise Program MRE Fitness will work directly with your physicians and physical therapist to ensure your progress and goals are oriented with their medical recommendations. 


Contact us today for a free consultation, individual assessment, and an analysis of your specialized needs. 


Packages start as low as $35/class (including  a therapeutic massage after each session)

             Remote Trainer


Not in South West Florida? Or are you just looking for a training program to do on your own?  No Problem. Our interactive RemoteTrainer Program offers online support and detailed training programs for the self-motivated indivudual looking for a structured routine.


Includes weekly Skype session, detailed diet and medical history discussion, analysis of underlying strength, and customized individual training programs based upon your specific goals.


Trial Month of Remote Trainer Program through PAYPAL for only $15