Here is what our former clients have to say about our training programs, methodologies, and modalities.​


“ I met Cory Malone in August of 2014, when I was selected to be a candidate for a law enforcement job. I knew much would be expected of me in the coming months, particularly with regard to my fitness level. I was concerned that I would not be able to pass the first round of testing, and with less than a month to prepare, I didn’t have much time to look for a trainer. Thankfully, I knew within moments of meeting Cory that he would be up to the challenge, and we agreed to train together three times per week.  Cory tailored the workouts to my needs, and adjusted them as necessary every time we met. Thanks to his coaching, I steadily improved. He tracked my progress with an Excel spreadsheet, which made it easier to identify my strengths and weaknesses. He was always a positive presence, even when I felt the odds were against me. He always praised my efforts and commitment to success. His level of dedication was indisputable, and his passion for fitness and nutrition was contagious.  If you’re looking for someone with unwavering determination to help you reach your fitness goals, then Cory Malone is the best man for the job – bar none."  Lucie I​


I came to Dylan via a referral from my former physical therapist in the fall of 2010. I had just recently suffered a C5-SCI (spinal cord injury) and based on my unexpected recovery my therapist recommended a higher intensity physical therapy program to further maximize my gains. At the time I could walk, but only with the use of two arm canes. Dylan took an assessment of my baseline strength measurements and developed a comprehensive resistance and free-weight training plan. He was clear in his conversation with me that we could make gains that seemed impossible but that were actually very attainable despite my unique physical condition. Not only was Dylan well-versed and knowledgeable but he was empathetic and energetic as well. He always encouraged me, pushed me and got me focused on the task at hand. His education in physiology and understanding of nutrition as it relates to whole-body health sets him apart from other trainers that I’ve worked with throughout my rehab process (and there have been many). Today I walk with just a hand cane and although I cannot attribute that exclusively to my strength-training with Dylan I am 100% certain that I would not be where I am today without his guidance and expertise. There aren’t enough adjectives I could use to describe the depth of gratitude I have for Dylan and I give him my full endorsement" - Mike T


“I started working out and training with Cory in 2013; it did not start out as a training relationship but he was an amazing resource and took me under his wing to help me reach my goals. I am fairly new to weight training and functional training altogether and did not know what to expect from the program. I had a personal goal to increase my bench press by 100 pounds. Cory said it would be no problem, "but we wont bench at all for the next 6 weeks" . I was skeptical but I listened; for the next 6 weeks we did not bench one day; at the end of the first 6 weeks i saw 65 pound increase in my bench press. I was hooked. By the end of 2013 i was benching nearly 125 pounds over my previous max and have not looked back. The man knows what he is doing and will get you where you want to be." - Paul D


After the first 2 ½ weeks I lost 8lbs. working out with Cory. He works hard and is a motivator; with a no pain no gain attitude and it works!!! He provides a total body workout  program, along with education on diet and information on how the body burns calories and how to properly do the exercise.There’s nothing left to add but that it’s a great experience and if you want results Cory is the way you want to go!!! " - Christine T